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Wellspring’s Arch Bridge School

A NEASC accredited private therapeutic school for grades 7-12, serving day students from our local community and boarding students from our residential treatment programs.

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Day Students: (203) 266-8029
Residential Students: (203) 266-8002

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Individualized Learning in an Academic Environment Supporting Mental Health

Founded in 1990, Wellspring’s Arch Bridge School is an accredited private special education school for grades 7-12, located on our main campus.

Our student body includes residents from Wellspring’s all-girl mental health residential treatment programs, as well as day students of all gender identities from surrounding towns who struggle with academic success due to emotional issues.

The fundamental approach of the school is rooted in Wellspring’s Relational Restorative Model to develop a personal relationship with each student, within a clearly defined structure of expectations and consequences.

The therapeutic dimension of the program offers a comprehensive exploration of the student’s individual uniqueness while developing self-reliance, problem solving skills, socialization, and the ability to manage anger and stress.

Parental involvement is an essential component of the program.

Typical diagnoses and issues include:

  • ADHD
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Non-verbal learning disabilities
  • Students with high-functioning autism
  • Self-Injurious Behaviors
  • Relationship problems

Wellspring’s Arch Bridge School programs include:

  • 5 certified and licensed clinicians and counselors circulate through the school for emotional and coping skills support.
  • College Preparatory Academics taught by content-certified teachers: English, Math, Science and Social Studies
  • Other Classes: Art, Animal Program, Physical Education, Adventure Recreation
  • Classroom support from Special Education teachers
  • Day School: 4 mental health counseling groups per week focused on psycho-education & coping skills, mindfulness & relaxation, anger management, stress reduction, problem solving, goal setting and socialization (Small groups are led by licensed masters level clinicians)
  • Parent Support, updates and trainings
  • Summer School

Wellspring staff communicates regularly with parents, school districts and other specialists regarding each student’s individual progress, areas needing improvement and specific educational needs.

When students are ready to return to their home school district, our staff works collaboratively with parents and members of the sending school districts to plan and facilitate transition plans to ensure opportunities for continued success.

The entire staff of Wellspring and Arch Bridge School are angels in human form. They don't give up and are relentless and tireless in thinking out of the box and consistently figuring out alternate ways to reach a child when other ways don't work. For Wellspring and its gifted team of individuals, we are forever grateful for saving our daughter.

— Parent of Arch Bridge School Student

The Wellspring Foundation is accredited by The Joint Commission, licensed by the State of Connecticut, and approved by the states of New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

We Believe Joy Helps Boost Mental Health

Our students attend school in a safe, nurturing, structured atmosphere within an environment conducive to addressing their educational and mental health issues. Within the structure of the week, they develop a sense of self and community through our animal and adventure programs, art and physical education classes.

Our students explore their creativity while feeling a strong sense of community at campus wide events such as Winter Carnival, Spring Field Day, Art and Talent Shows, to name a few.

Through these activities, our students continue to deepen their ability to develop meaningful relationships with themselves and with others while they learn and have fun.

We Are Inspired to Teach

The passion and commitment to healing and hope is what draws teachers and clinicians to Wellspring’s Arch Bridge School.

Our teachers are content certified and our clinicians are master level. They are a close-knit team of professionals who contribute beyond the scope of their job requirements by bringing their own personal talents to the curriculum.

Some examples include playing music, singing and theatre performances, gardening and working with animals, and an interest in bringing real time experiences to their curriculum. In short, they are inspired to teach.


High school graduation rate over the past ten years.


of Families surveyed in 2021 would recommend Wellspring’s Arch Bridge School to others.

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