Help us build bright futures for teenage girls, young women, students and families in our care.

Our donations often come from families whose lives have been impacted by Wellspring’s healing model, and from foundations who generously support the work we do. With your support, Wellspring will continue to provide exceptional care to those we help so they may build a better future.


To donate by mail, please send your contribution to:

Development Office
Wellspring Foundation
21 Arch Bridge Road
P.O. Box 370
Bethlehem,  CT   06751

Wellspring is a nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.
CT Tax Reg #3658242-000 EIN #06-1014227

Donate by Phone:

To make your credit card donation by phone please call us at 203-266-8000

Matching Gifts

Many corporations have matching gift programs and will match your donation to Wellspring. It’s an easy way to double or even triple your gift. Just ask your employer if they have a matching gift program in place.

Gifts of Stock

Making gifts of appreciated securities can be a tax-advantaged way for you to support Wellspring.

Leave a Legacy to Wellspring

The Wellspring Legacy Circle is a planned giving society, established to honor friends who have provided for Wellspring in their wills or through other planned gifts. For more information contact your financial planner or call us to learn more.

In-kind Donation

Wellspring welcomes the donations of computers, office supplies, printing, lightly used furniture, volunteer time, garden tools, etc.

For more information, please contact Celia Pomerantz at 203-266-8000 or

The Giving Tree
The Wellspring Giving Tree

Sharing messages of hope and healing

Our donor tree wall in the main lobby of the Dodds Family Center for Arts and Athletics was erected in the fall of 2015, creating a beautiful space for friends of Wellspring to commemorate loved ones and share messages of hope and healing with the Wellspring community.

We invite you, your family, or your business to have your name and/or special message inscribed on a leaf of the tree.  Sponsorship levels of $100, $500, and $1,000 are available.

Learn more:

Wellspring Small Footprint Huge Impact

Sometimes donors are looking for those organizations
who will have the greatest impact on the most lives.
They would like to solve the problems of world hunger or find a cure for cancer.
We’d like that, too!

But our footprint is small.  Intentionally.
We cannot be franchised.
We work with one child at a time, one family at a time, one life at a time.
Our treatment, while professional, is also personal and relational.
The wounds our clients bring are relational wounds.
They can only be healed relationally.
Our staff must bring their full selves to the table.
They must partner with our families to repair what is broken.
Not through words alone, though we cherish words, but through
full-bodied open-hearted restorative experiences.

Our residential programs serve adolescent girls and young women.
Each comes to us broken, many with no hope or desire to live.
Their families are desperate and often exhausted from trying.

Here they find hope.

Each of our graduates out there now, having found her way,
is making an impact on everyone she touches.
She may not tell anyone that she once needed residential treatment
and a therapeutic school.

No one may know that she once did not think she would be alive
for her high school or college graduation.

Now she writes to us, and her parents write to us:
You saved my life.
Or better yet:
You gave me the tools to save my own life.

We like that.
One small footprint at a time.

written by Phyllis Beauvais, Wellspring co-founder

Through a process that slowly reaches the core, the staff at Wellspring was willing and able to find, connect with, and draw out the essence of our beloved daughter.

— Arch Bridge School Parent