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About Wellspring

Beneath the historical surface of its starting point, the conception of Wellspring was like any other - a moment in time, a place where genealogical lines converge, and where among all possible events that could have taken place, this one did.

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Mission and Vision


Wellspring is a therapeutic and educational center dedicated to healing and learning through relational approaches – to self, others, creation and Spirit – which touch and bring forth the wellspring of personal being unique to each individual, giving hope to each person and family in our care.


Building Relationships to Nurture, Educate and Heal.

Wellspring’s relational approach is inspired by and will proceed from an awareness that inherent in each individual is a wellspring of personal being that is unique, unrepeatable in essence, and imbued with spirit.  Respect for the sacredness and dignity of each individual, client or staff, proceeds from this awareness.  Therefore, our programs and services:

  • Are designed in a comprehensive and holistic way to be responsive to the mind, heart, body and spiritual dimensions of each person;
  • Are intensive, so as to provide the personal relatedness and professional capacity to address – in depth – the relevant treatment and educational objectives.
  • Support the integrity of the family, its healthy reconstitution, and the personal growth of each individual involved;
  • Provide a safe, healthy environment for residents, students, clients, and staff;
  • Communicate a reverence for social diversity, bio-diversity, and nature’s beauty in a way that encourages the extension of personal relationship to all of creation.

Our guiding belief is that through the integrity and spirit with which we live and mediate these core values to each of the people we serve, the Spirit will continue to support and guide us in our endeavors.