Wellspring Staff

The heart of Wellspring

Leadership Team

Dan Murray, PsyD, Chief Executive Officer

Dan Murray, PsyD

Chief Executive Officer
Marcy Russo, PhD., Clinical Director

Marcy Russo, PhD.

Clinical Director
John Ewing, MD, Chief of Psychiatry

John Ewing, MD

Chief of Psychiatry
Laurie Collins, Director of Operations

Laurie Collins

Director of Operations
Amy Langevin, Coordinator of Organizational Excellence

Amy Langevin

Coordinator of Organizational Excellence
Vikki Palmer, RN, Director of Nursing/Head Nurse

Vikki Palmer, RN

Director of Nursing/Head Nurse
Nancy Thurston, Director of Admissions

Nancy Thurston

Director of Admissions

Angelus House, Young Adult Women's Program

Cathy Nagle, LPC, Program Director

Cathy Nagle, LPC

Program Director
Sara Osborne, LPC, LADC, Assistant Program Director

Sara Osborne, LPC, LADC

Assistant Program Director
Jessica Zoltani, MD, Psychiatrist

Jessica Zoltani, MD


Beauvais House, Adolescent Girls Program

Jeff Culhane, MS, Program Director

Jeff Culhane, MS

Program Director
Liz Bunovsky, LMFT, Psychotherapist

Liz Bunovsky, LMFT

Holly Savage, MA, Psychotherapist

Holly Savage, MA

Sarah Vogt, Senior Milieu Counselor III

Sarah Vogt

Senior Milieu Counselor III
Alyssa Pelletier, AMFT, Psychotherapist

Alyssa Pelletier, AMFT


Shiloah House, Girls Program

Joe Mancinone, LMFT, Program Director

Joe Mancinone, LMFT

Program Director
Stephanie Grimaldi, LMFT, Assistant Program Director

Stephanie Grimaldi, LMFT

Assistant Program Director
Angela Allen, Milieu Counselor III

Angela Allen

Milieu Counselor III

Wellspring's Arch Bridge School

Krystyna Pasquariello, Director of Education

Krystyna Pasquariello

Director of Education
Barbara Stolarik, Assistant Director of Education

Barbara Stolarik

Assistant Director of Education
Sabrina Tiso, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor

Sabrina Tiso, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor
Susan Garthwait, School Secretary

Susan Garthwait

School Secretary
Janet Gueli, LCSW, School Clinician

Janet Gueli, LCSW

School Clinician
Leslie Persson, LCSW, School Clinician

Leslie Persson, LCSW

School Clinician
Kendra Pfahl, Special Education Teacher

Kendra Pfahl

Special Education Teacher
Frank Robacker, Special Education Teacher

Frank Robacker

Special Education Teacher
Kellie Ahearn, Science Teacher

Kellie Ahearn

Science Teacher
Sara Markman, Science and Math Teacher

Sara Markman

Science and Math Teacher
Rebecca Hoyt, Social Studies Teacher

Rebecca Hoyt

Social Studies Teacher
Julie Armentano, School Clinician

Julie Armentano

School Clinician
Karen Frazine, Art Teacher

Karen Frazine

Art Teacher
Donald Amodio, English Teacher

Donald Amodio

English Teacher

Cross Program Therapeutic Team

Cassandra Beauvais, DVM, Land and Animal Program

Cassandra Beauvais, DVM

Land and Animal Program
Marty Newell, Adventure Program

Marty Newell

Adventure Program
Karen Anderson, Art Therapist

Karen Anderson

Art Therapist
Ann Watson, Plant & Garden Program

Ann Watson

Plant & Garden Program


Yessica Trujillo-Granados, Recruitment and Onboarding Specialist

Yessica Trujillo-Granados

Recruitment and Onboarding Specialist
Celia Pomerantz, Director of Community Relations

Celia Pomerantz

Director of Community Relations
Heidi Corey, Environmental Manager

Heidi Corey

Environmental Manager
Stephan Sundlof, Maintenance Supervisor

Stephan Sundlof

Maintenance Supervisor
Ronnie McQueeney, Health Information Systems Coordinator

Ronnie McQueeney

Health Information Systems Coordinator
Timothy Keegan, Information Technology Coordinator

Timothy Keegan

Information Technology Coordinator
Dawn Madigosky, Human Resources Generalist

Dawn Madigosky

Human Resources Generalist
Donna Dickinson, Receptionist

Donna Dickinson

Greg Miller, Maintenance

Greg Miller