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Family Testimonials

In 1977, Richard and Phyllis Beauvais founded Wellspring. As pioneers of the relational and restorative model, they believed that to make significant change that was long term they would offer shared experiences of daily life and relationship. This type of clinical rapport led us to many lifetime connections with graduates and their families.

Wellspring Families Share their Unique Stories of Healing

Over the years, some parents have become strong supporters of our mission, with a handful even joining our Board of Directors.

Returning alumni have delivered graduation commencement speeches, and many of our residents stay in touch and share their success stories of personal wellness, satisfying careers and love that comes with nurturing one’s own growing family.

We are grateful that we have touched so many people, and we would like to share some of these Wellspring stories with you.  Their privacy is important to us, and we continue to respect their anonymity.

Wellspring has allowed me to find my way again...my life feels bright enough that I'm excited to live it.

— Alex, Recent Graduate
An Artist Finds Their Way

Excited to Live Life and the Future Looks Bright

Our hope is that this video inspires our current and future students to reach high toward their dreams for a healthy future.

We would like to invite you to listen to a story bravely told by a graduate at Wellspring’s Arch Bridge School graduation.

Alum from Virginia

“I cannot thank the staff at Angelus House enough for what they did for me. They never gave up on me even when I so desperately wanted to give up on myself, I am employed full time at a job I love, and I have the best relationships with my friends and family. Wellspring truly changed my life for the better.”

Alum from New Jersey

“The people at Wellspring were magnificent. They cared for us so deeply. I also made life-changing relationships with other residents and still keep in touch with almost all of them.  I am forever grateful for the bonds we have. Wellspring works wonders!”

Alum from New York

“If you have a child in need of therapeutic help, please CONSIDER WELLSPRING. When I attended Wellspring, I struggled with ODD and fought with the staff a lot. But y’know what? Those amazing people never gave up on me. I fell in love with the animal program and the school was amazing. I cannot tell you enough how this place changed my entire life. They were my family and I loved them.”

More from Parents…

“Wellspring is a wonderful place. Before she got there, my daughter spent more than a year in and out of various placements to address her mental health. No matter how great the program, she was not getting any better. Once she got to Wellspring, the fabulous staff offered her and our entire family the wrap around care that was needed to fully support her.


Her knowledgeable therapist understood what she was going through in ways we could not, and helped us to understand. The staff saw her through things she hadn’t been able to reveal before. And during her time there, she attended school – realized how much she loves learning, made friends, and even found a special connection to nature while participating in the land and animal program. It will always hold a special place in our hearts. I cannot recommend Wellspring enough.”

“Thank you for your devotion and all the loving help you offer. You have made such a difference in so many lives. My daughter found the tools to heal under your caring guidance. We are forever grateful!”