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Wellspring offers:

  • A relationally-centered community of residential treatment programs for adolescent girls and young adult women struggling with mental health and relational issues.
  • A private special education school for residential and day students.
  • Outpatient counseling services.

The relationships I formed at Wellspring were some of the first healthy, lasting relationships I created. I never felt alone, and more importantly I didn’t want to be alone anymore.

— Former Wellspring Resident

Will your loved one get better?

If they're willing to do the work...The answer is yes!

We survey parents and clients at admission and discharge, and our outcomes show consistent improvement.


High school graduation rate over the past ten years.


Of families surveyed in 2021 would recommend wellspring to others.


Of parents report that the environment is safe and supports treatment.


Of families report that their child’s plan is clear and understandable.

A place for healing

Drs. Richard and Phyllis Beauvais had a dream...

…to establish a home-like long term residential treatment center for people with mental health challenges or psychiatric illnesses. They purchased a tract of farmland with a colonial era farmhouse, barns, pastures and grazing animals in a bucolic landscape in Bethlehem, CT in 1977 and began their work as pioneers of the relational and restorative model.

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Lauren Squires
Staff Spotlight

Lauren Squires

Coordinator of Campus Food Service & Milieu Counselor II, Beauvais House

Lauren’s favorite vegetables are the ones that still have dirt clinging on to them. While she was a student at Hofstra University, Lauren worked at a sustainable, family-run farm and market which sparked her interest in blending healthy with delicious. She learned to bundle asparagus, shuck cauliflowers and eventually pursued a career in food.

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One of her responsibilities is preparing meals at Beauvais house, Wellspring’s residential program for teenage girls, Lauren uses the communal kitchen as a springboard for resident engagement and comradery.  In the tradition of the Wellspring relational philosophy, Lauren offers residents an opportunity to cook one-on-one with her, using a recipe of their choice.   Residents have chosen dishes such as Persian rice, pasta carbonara, sticky cauliflower and vegan Caesar dressing.  While in the kitchen, residents are often heard sharing a little part of themselves:  “My mom makes this. I can’t wait to show her how I make this. The smell of the soup makes me feel like I’m home.”


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