Wellspring & the Arch Bridge School admit residents, students and clients on a rolling basis. Generally speaking, our programs serve people with emotional, psychological, and educational issues that prevent them from establishing and maintaining healthy relationships and meaningful lives. To get a feel for the typical client profile for each of our programs please visit our profile page and review our admission criteria.

Please feel free to contact our Admissions Team with any questions:

Call Nancy Thurston, our Director of Admissions; at 203-266-8002 or email admissions@wellspring.org with any questions you may have regarding admissions or to discuss a potential applicant.

Referrals to Wellspring may be made by hospitals, treatment centers, clinicians, educational consultants, parents, family members or individuals.

If an applicant meets the admission criteria, a pre-admission interview is scheduled. Records from previous hospitalization or treatment should be sent to the Admissions Team prior to this interview.


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