Wellspring is a therapeutic and educational center dedicated to healing through relational approaches – to self, others, creation and Spirit – which touch and bring forth the wellspring of personal being unique to each individual, giving hope to each person and family in our care.


Wellspring was founded in 1977 by Drs. Richard and Phyllis Beauvais who sought to create a highly structured but intimate treatment approach for people with serious emotional, psychiatric, and behavioral challenges. Their idea was to establish a therapeutic community that would make it possible to work in-depth to bring about significant change.

They envisioned the setting as non-institutional and home-like, where the shared experiences of daily life and relationship – i.e. work, study, play, and sharing meals together – could be joined with therapeutic modalities which would respond to mind, heart, body, and spirit, so that the whole person could be addressed. The Beauvais saw each person as an individual, and worked with them to access their uniqueness of spirit and creativity. Following their belief that being related to the land promoted healing, the Beauvais purchased a tract of farmland with a colonial era farmhouse, barns, pastures, grazing animals and a bucolic landscape.

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