Wellspring Logo Tiles

The Wellspring Logo (Tiles) is a mandala –- a square of four quarters that appears in many spiritual traditions as a symbolic image of wholeness, the integrated fullness of human being.
A mandala is also thought to image the divine presence in our lives. The rich colors of golden ochre, turquoise, rust and blue reflect the primal elements of Creation – earth, air, fire, and water. The curves and angles, swirls and structures, express the constant interplay of the Yin and the Yang, the feminine and masculine energies of receptivity and activation fundamental to creative life.

At the center of the logo is a circle that images the Well from which we draw our name. The Well reaches down into the earth to the wellspring, source of living water. This expresses our belief that within each individual there is a wellspring of personal being, unique, unrepeatable in essence and imbued with spirit. As source of the sacredness and dignity of each individual, this wellspring within links us to one another and to all of Creation.

The Well is centered by a cross. As symbol, the cross juxtaposes two contrasting dimensions of life – the vertical and the horizontal. These represent two pathways of personal growth and participation in a more inclusive way of human being. The vertical line is the line of the Spirit, extending downwards into the depths of Being and upwards to its transcendent heights. The horizontal line extends outwards to the ends of the earth – into the world of body and relationship. Through relationship we become the arms of the cross, opening our small selves to embrace humanity.

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