Director of Finance

Management position, reports to the CEO

The Director of Finance oversees and manages all agency level financial, banking and accounting operations, to assure Wellspring’s financial accountability and meet compliance requirements (including, but not limited to, audit processes, annual filings, and compliance with government laws and regulations.)

Working under the supervision of the CEO, the Director of Finance provides support and services to the Finance Committee of the Board and the Board of Directors; reports monthly, quarterly and annual budget / financial information to the CEO; prepares quarterly and annual financial reports to the Board.

Functioning as an active member of management, the Director of Finance provides support and financial expertise to the Management Team; consults and collaborates with executive, administrative, and management staff to assure efficient, effective and accurate financial information and processes;  collaborates and provides support and services to Wellspring programs and staff; maintains and updates Procedure Manual for all financial activities.

The Director of Finance provides oversight and management of agency, director and officer level insurance needs; initiates the annual budget process and supports the CEO in completing the budget process for presentation to the Board; prepares the single cost audit annually in an accurate and timely manner for agency rate setting; coordinates efforts and prepares information and reports required by the CPA for the certified public audit.

As primary supervisor of the accounting department: supervises, supports, trains and holds accountable the finance/ accounting staff; assures accuracy and appropriateness of computer systems, programs and technology for finance and its ability to integrate with other software and users; provides oversight for ledger entries, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing processes, contracts, payroll, all daily finance operations, and monthly and annual closings, maintaining accuracy of all items that contribute to the balance sheet.

Functions as a liaison and acts as the agency conduit for outside relationships as needed, particularly as they relate to finance, contracts, insurance, accounting, government, and the community.

Required qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting with 10 years direct experience in business management leadership. Master’s Degree and Non-profit experience preferred.
  • A working knowledge and proficiency in computer, accounting and payroll software and systems including, Microsoft Dynamic Great Plains 2013, Budget Maestro 7, ADP-PayEx, Excel, and Word.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.


To be considered please submit a letter of interest and current resume to

Wellspring and the Arch Bridge School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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