The Wellspring Bridge

A Resource for Wellspring Alumni Parents

The ‘Wellspring Bridge’ is a resource for our alumni parent community. The purpose is to help bridge the gap between Wellspring and home by assisting parents in dealing with the issues that may arise.

It is our goal to create a community of alumni parents with common experiences who can support each other, share their experiences and continue to benefit from the processes learned at Wellspring.

Ways to Participate

Parents in Partnership – This is a moderated, on-line group whose purpose is to provide alumni parents with a safe place to share experiences and learn from each other about dealing with new and unfamiliar issues that may arise in the new home environment. This group is confidential and open only to Wellspring graduate families. You can request to become a member by clicking here. If you have any problem connecting or joining, send an email to:

Accessing Resources – We will provide ongoing information on this website about community resources, programs, workshops, webinars, publications and new books that we think will be valuable for our graduate families.


The Wellspring Bridge is being chaired by Peggy Bier, an alumni parent of a daughter who graduated Wellspring in 2006. The Bridge will be supported by Wellspring Staff in coordinating events, delivering webinars and in any way that will further the ongoing success of the graduates and their families.

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