Testimonials from those who have been touched by
The Arch Bridge School at Wellspring


You believed in me, when I didn’t believe in myself, and I want to let you know that things are going well. After leaving Arch Bridge I finished up high school and went off to college. There were plenty of bumps along the road, but there has been an incredible amount of success for me to celebrate.

Former Student


We are so very grateful to Wellspring for the hard work that you do. While we knew that keeping our daughter alive was the top priority, we also had concern about the effects that her gaps in academics would have on her. Your academic team was able to triage the situation and thanks to you our daughter is now a high school graduate!

Parents of a Former Student


Our experience referring students to Arch Bridge School has been excellent. The special education supports and clinical pieces have helped students from our district get through difficult times. The staff at the school has been able to work with our teams to seamlessly transition students back to our school system when they are ready.

Referring School District

In June 2014, Wellspring honored 11 Arch Bridge School seniors as they embarked on their new journeys to colleges, universities, and jobs near and far – even including a student exchange program in Japan. All of the 11 graduates have been accepted into colleges and universities where they plan to continue their education. 

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